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Year Artist Album Details
1992 Indra Alexandrie Alexandra Producer, Remixer
1993 Kylie Minogue Right here, Right now (Unreleased) Remixer
Abyale I wanna find somebody Remixer
1994 Christophe Anxel Dans un monde intérieur Remixer
1995 Kelly Bienvenue What are you gonna do Remixer
Bla Bla Posse Bougez ! Producer, Co-Writer
Bla Bla Posse DJ Let’s Groove Producer, Co-Writer
1999 Julie Hamilton Même si Producer, Co-Writer
Soundtrack Chronique d’un amour qui dure Producer, Co-Writer
2000 Julie Hamilton C’est fini (Finally) Producer, Co-Writer
2001 Crobar Fly Away Producer, Co-Writer
Crobar Candlelight Producer, Co-Writer
D-Style Gotta be Happy Producer, Co-Writer
2002 Kylie Minogue Love at first sight US Radio Mix Remixer, Mix Engineer
Kylie Minogue Love at first sight Lounge Mix Remixer, Mix Engineer
Sophie Ellis Bextor Murder on the dancefloor Remixer, Mix Engineer
Soundtrack Mental Pigs Producer, Co-Writer
Sound of Pink Everybody Knows Producer, Writer
Frou Frou Must be dreaming Remixer, Mix Engineer
2003 Frou Frou Good to be in love Remixer, Mix Engineer
2004 Ruff and Jam Another Day Producer, Co-Writer
Sugababes In the Middle Remixer, Mix Engineer
Tyler James Why do i do? Remixer, Mix Engineer
2005 The Killers Smile like you mean it Remixer, Mix Engineer
Amy Winehouse F*ck me Pumps (Unreleased) Remixer, Mix Engineer
The Loose Cannons Superstars (Unreleased) Remixer, Mix Engineer
Helena Paparizou Mambo Remixer, Mix Engineer
Marianne Faithful Broken English Remixer, Mix Engineer
Axelle Red J’ai fait un rêve Remixer, Mix Engineer
Robbie Williams Tripping Remixer, Mix Engineer
2006 Kate Ryan It’s all for you Remixer, Mix Engineer
Street angels Another Day Producer, Co-Writer
Delavega Theme Remixer, Mix Engineer
Ozark Henry La donna e mobile Remixer, Mix Engineer
2007 Shades of Mercy On Fire Producer, Co-Writer, Mix Engineer
Ozark Henry Sundance Remixer, Mix Engineer
Bob Marley Is this love (Unreleased) Remixer, Mix Engineer
2008 Alain Clark Blow me away Remixer, Mix Engineer
Au Revoir Simone Lark Remixer, Mix Engineer
James Yuill This sweet love Remixer, Mix Engineer
Sia Numb Remixer, Mix Engineer
2009 Fortun8 Fellaz Look at me house Producer, Co-Writer, Mix Engineer
Spinto Band Oh Mandy Remixer, Mix Engineer
2010 Magnus Carlsson Feel you Remixer, Mix Engineer
VV Brown Leave (Unreleased) Remixer, Mix Engineer
The Exclusive Strings Debut Album Producer, Mix Engineer
2011 Idool More to me Co-Producer, Arranger
Kevin Gimme Little Sign Performer
Kevin No words needed Performer
Geike Rope Dancer Co-Writer, Programmer
Geike Icy Co-Writer, Programmer
Geike Strange Disorder Co-Writer, Programmer
Geike Unlock Co-Writer, Programmer
Geike Smile Co-Writer, Programmer
Geike Blinded Co-Writer, Programmer
Geike This Page Co-Writer, Programmer
Jerique Allan Bad Boy Co-Writer, Programmer
Jerique Allan Rock it Co-Writer, Programmer
D’Angel ft DJ Public Prototype Co-Writer, Programmer
2012 Kato Flamingo Remixer, Mix Engineer
Pierre Ladoux Give your love Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Arranger
Luke Mornay ft Dollarman Oooh ! Producer, Co-Writer
Jay Matthews Beautiful Morning, Lost Souls Producer, Co-Writer
Kastilla ft Jerique Allan Starlight Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Mix Engineer
Kastilla Show Must Go On Co-Producer, Mix Engineer
Lââm & Kastilla Revolution Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
2013 A-Boyz ft Jackie & Cindy Boom Boom Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
Jackie Chandiru Gold Digger (MornayMix) Remixer, Co-Composer, Mix Engineer
Keenan Cahill ft Electrovamp Hands up Remixer, Mix Engineer
Indian Spirit Body & Soul Double Album Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
Vika Kova tear up the club Remixer, Mix Engineer
Kellogs K-dance vol.1 & 2 Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
Beautiful Morning & Lost Souls Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
Vandiva Here we go! Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
2014 Chat Le Coeur (Kastilla Remix) Programmer, Mix Engineer
Kastilla ft Jerique Rock it Co-Producer, Co-Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
Adict Amour DT Programmer, Mix Engineer
Robin des bois A nous (Kastilla Remix) Programmer, Mix Engineer
Lääm Tu me manques (Kastilla Remix) Programmer, Mix Engineer
St Simani Hard to reach Mix Engineer
Amron Parker Something to dance to Programmer, Co-Composer, Writer
2015 St Simani, ADN Minuit Express Mix Engineer
The Discoboys Taxi nach Paris (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix) Mastering Engineer
2016 Sismica Yammaiere (Luke Mornay Mix) Remixer, Mix Engineer
Khuba & Dasco Whisper  (Luke Mornay Mix) Remixer, Mix Engineer
Marie Parie Ice Cream (Luke Mornay Mix) Remixer, Mix Engineer
2017 Art-X Got You ( Luke Mornay Mix) Remixer, Mix Engineer
Luke Mornay Twenty Five Ten Album Producer, Composer, Writer, Mix Engineer
Danny Thorn New Moon (Luke Mornay Mix) Remixer, Mix Engineer
Monroe Wasted Tears (Luke Mornay Mix) Remixer, Mix Engineer
Mr Anderson ft Xan Blacq Cinderella (Luke Mornay Mix) Remixer, Mix Engineer
Superfinger ft Genius Jane Ms Jackson Remixer, Mix Engineer
Debbie Gibson  Shake your love Remixer, Mix Engineer