Here, unveiling ‘Twenty Five Ten‘, Mornay unveils an tapestry every bit as complex – but often as beautiful – as the lives an enforced lockdown has shown us. Recorded with a series of collaborators, Mornay’s album provides an emotional companion to the world pivoting into dense uncertainty.

Mornay says it all in one track, but luckily for the listener, there are seventeen others to accompany it!

“Shake Your Love (Luke Mornay Remix).”

I love that it sounds like a real ’80s drum machine, the one I had with the circular pads that you hit with an actual stick!

And, I can hear the club kids screaming from here when the intro breaks down to just sustained chords and the track slowly builds to a frenzy. The #DebHeads are loving this, and so am I!

We’re extremely excited for our good friend and recording artist Luke Mornay on the release of his new album Twenty Five Ten which has already grabbed a 5-Star review on New Sounds UK!
Let’s find out more about what he’s been up to with this project as a longstanding user of PreSonus hardware and software for his musical endeavors through the years.

In this video from PreSonus, super producer Luke Mornay, whose credits include The Killers, Frou Frou and Robbie Williams, and who contributed some excellent presets to Version 3’s Mai Tai synth, has created a video talking about why he loves Studio One and shows us a killer trick to making beats in Studio One. Check it out!

…”Smile like you mean it” has been left in the very capable hands of Ruff & Jam (Kylie, Polyphonic Spree, Scissor Sisters) who stay true to the original but add their trademark commercial twist, the infectious bass line alone is testament to that. …

THE KILLERS : No.1 in the Update Buzz Chart!
Smile Like You Mean It / Mr Brightside
The Killers’ meteoric rise continues as the ‘Smile Like You Mean It (Ruff & Jam Remix) hits next week’s Buzz Chart at No.1. Catch it on Pete Tong’s ‘Essential Selection’ on Radio 1 this friday (6th May) .

Shake Your Love (Luke Mornay Mix)  Closing out my dream list album with the two new remixes in the box set. Luke Mornay takes on 1987 smash Shake Your Love and makes it something akin to that which Carly Rae Jepsen might sing. It enlivens the song but also goes to demonstrate what an undeniable impact Debbie Gibson has had on popstars over the years. Play right after Cut To The Feeling and lose yourself in a heady rush of pop majesty.

Belgium-based production duo Ruff and Jam’s remix of the floating, uplifting “Lark” keeps with the soft feel of the original, adding breadth to generate a sensual, electro nu-wave track with touching build-up, climactic release, and a beautiful sense of space.

Grammy nominee Luke Mourinet has worked with artists like Ruff & Jam, Kylie Minogue and Amy Winehouse.A long-time devotee of Cubase and Nuendo, Mourinet now uses Presonus Studio One Professional.

My hunch is the online-page-turning-reader thing that Mushroom Magazine is using won’t embed in our blog, so here’s a link to all the flattery that PreSonus artist and producer wunderkind Luke Mourinet has to say.

Grammy-nommed Luke presented at MusikMesse a number of times for us this year, and his presentations were among the most well-received.