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When « Shutter Island » meets « Get Out ».

Six dead bodies lie face down in the snow. One survivor, alone and shivering, stands over them with a bloodied screwdriver. Is he a survivor or a murderer?

PUZZLE is a dark psychological thriller about the death-dealing power of love. It’s a murky journey into the abyss of mind and death. The Heroes drag us on a long way of mental illness.

Based on the novel Franck Thilliez, Puzzle

1 Cut on the feature film 

A thrilling experience. Thanks to the production team for their trust & opportunity.


From nature to our mobile phones, what do we know about the vibration of things? With the show VIEbration, ECOsfeeria highlights what governs our lives in an invisible way.

4 Brand new tracks composed for ‘VIEBration’ an Ecosfeeria production with shows featured in Belgium’s most rated venues.


10cc are an English rock band founded in Stockport, England, who achieved their greatest commercial success in the 1970s. 10cc’s 1975 number one single ‘I’m Not in Love‘ is one of the greatest ballads ever made.

1 Track co-Written with Kevin Godley

Just like a dream come true i was totally overwhelmed by a waterfall of talent. Thank you Kevin !

A few months back Luke asked if I’d be interested in writing and performing on an instrumental track he’d recorded for his new album 25 Ten. The result of our collaboration is Expecting a message. It’s a gospel song about alien abduction. Obviously. – Kevin Godley


Former 10cc singer/keyboardist and award-winning video director Kevin Godley has launched a new website focusing on his wide-ranging career as a creative artist. ABC The site,, features some previously unreleased content, including a new video of him performing the 1974 10cc song “Somewhere in Hollywood” and a new track, “Expecting a Message,” that he recorded with French electronic music producer Luke Mornay.


The crazy journey of a thirty-year-old, struggling to come to terms with his fears, his fantasies and his family! Resolutely modern, funny, sensitive and with a feminist touch.

6 Cuts on the Web Series by Blackpills


Geike Arnaert is a Belgian singer, best known for being the lead vocalist of the band Hooverphonic from 1997 until 2008.

7 Tracks Arranged & Co-Written

Fantastic collaboration with the insanely talented Geike Arnaert, what a beautiful way to mutually get out of our comfort zones. Thank you !


This song written with my partner in crime, became an overnight success. It went straight to #3 in the dance charts, #1 on Tiësto‘s playlist, #3 on Ferry Corsten‘s and got us signed on Sony Columbia.

Another day (Can’t let go)

Backing Vocals – Jean-Marie Moens, Nadaï, Nina Babet
Mastered By – Nilesh ‘Nilz’ Patel*
Vocals – Nina Babet
Written-By, Composed By – Jean-Marie Moens, Luke Mourinet