Civil Name : Luc Mourinet

Also known as :

Luke Mourinet, Ruff & Jam, Fortun8 Fellaz (Southern Fried), shades of Mercy.


With Grammy Nominated work luke Mourinet has been turning heads with his remix skills since 1991.

Starting out as a weekend club DJ in Paris, he soon relocated to London to serve as a French market talent scout, songwriter and recording engineer for Pete Waterman Entertainment (PWL).

Over the past two decades, Luke Mornay has shaped his musically driven signature sound around artists from a wide range of genres.

This unpredictability not only brought him into unexpected scenes but also brought rave reviews for his work by press and fans of the artists, as well as a Grammy Award nomination and a couple of #1 records.

From The Killers to Kylie or from the soulful Amy Winehouse to more obscure projects for composer extraordinaire Craig Armstrong, his interest has always been the challenge to develop new skills on each project, rather than having one sound for everything coming his way..