Unforgettable Encounters with Tina Turner: Lessons in Resilience, Dreams, and Determination

Just before I stepped away from my role as an analyst programmer, I felt an urge to understand what the music industry was about. In the process, and quite unexpectedly, I found myself on « Sacrée Soirée », the biggest TV show in France at the time, the producers of the show had granted me unrestricted access, noticing my respect for the artists. My approach was different—I never sought autographs or pictures like a typical fan might. They appreciated this distinction and placed their trust in me, an experience I will forever be grateful for.

Discovering the Music Industry and Sacrée Soirée

The artists rehearsed on Tuesdays and the live show aired on Wednesdays. The set-up was long and tedious, and it was during these periods that I began spending time with Tina Turner.

There were times when I had to laugh at myself, caught in the surreal realization, “Wow, you’re having a conversation with Tina Turner!” It was an extraordinary sensation.

Spending Time with Tina Turner: A Lesson in Positivity

Tina was full of energy, almost like she was glowing. She shared some really good advice that I’ll never forget. It felt like a quick lesson about staying positive and growing as a person. I told her that I was unsure about leaving my job to try something different, and what she said reminded me a lot of what my mom told me. Tina said, “If you want to do it, do it. It ain’t going to be easy, but if it’s in your heart, it’ll haunt you if you don’t. Be serious, fight for it, and do things right…”

Her kindness was truly touching. Tina didn’t have to pay me any attention, i was nobody, yet she did.She chose to share her wisdom with me. It was a testament to her ability to distinguish between her personal self and her public persona, a concept that many often overlook. As a result, people out there can become so fixated on an artist’s image that they tend to forget there’s a real person behind the fame.

Tina Turner: The Transformation from Superstar to Human

What amazed me the most was her transformation when showtime came, it was breathtaking. In a heartbeat, she became TINA, the superstar, the icon. And yet, when the lights dimmed and the applause faded, she could switch to the same woman I had spoken to minutes ago, seamlessly and effortlessly. Genuine, warm, and human.Her energy and charisma were captivating. I recall those moments as if they happened just yesterday.

One of my most cherished memories is a silent moment just before she was about to go on stage. she was about to be announced on stage. The room was dimly lit, almost dark, yet it felt like she radiated a natural halo of light. At that naive moment, I believed that this was what set stars apart from the rest. Her powerful words and that instant are still stuck in my mind. Every time I think about her, that’s exactly the picture that pops back into my head.

Tina became more than just a celebrity in my eyes; she was a guide, a symbol of unwavering strength and determination. Every story, every anecdote, was a lesson in resilience, tenacity, and the audacity to follow one’s dreams despite the odds.

Lessons Learned and Stepping into the Unknown

Those encounters with Tina Turner, the wisdom she imparted, and the surreal experience of it all have left an indelible mark on my life. The lessons I learned have encouraged me to step into the unknown with courage and determination.

Looking back, leaving my job as an analyst programmer seemed like a leap into uncertainty. But this leap led me on an unforgettable journey, filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable moments. It was a stark reminder that sometimes, life’s greatest adventures lie just beyond the comfort zone.


SACRÉE SOIRÉE – 29.11.1989

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