Roxy Horner and Luke Mornay have teamed up for a new song, which could be shared this Month..
The track was allegedly inspired by the lack of decisions during some toxic relationships.
Following up on successful collaborations for his 25 Ten Album with Kevin Godley (10 CC, Godley & Creme), Nick Tart (Diamond Head), Rachael & James Akin (EMF), and Lucy Pullin (The isle of Man, Robbie Williams), Grammy nominated producer Luke Mornay has teamed up with a rising name in fashion & music for his debut single.
Roxy’s fresh vocals lead the song, backed up with some Future Bass sounds and a 808 on steroids. As suggested by the title, the song tells the tale of someone stuck into a toxic relationship and yet refuses to read the signs, with the lyrics pointing at some obvious clues “ Don’t hold on to a lie/ There’s no more room for maybe, there’s nothing left to try/ Time to breakaway , Step into the light .”
The new single is expected to be release shortly with support from MTV and VH1 in Eastern Europe and Radio support across Europe. Watch this space.

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